Implications for Multicultural Antiracist Socialist Practice in Educational Institutions

  • Mike Cole
Part of the Marxism and Education book series (MAED)


In this final chapter, I make some suggestions for practice in educational institutions to promote education against racism; and political education that includes arguments for socialism. I begin by establishing some fundamental underlying principles that I believe Marxist and other Left radicals should adopt. These include efforts to promote the process of conscientization; a radical conception of pedagogy that centralizes dialogical education; participatory action research; the replacement of the fixed-ability paradigm with a commitment to learning without limits; and a structurally located sense of student empowerment. I go on to make suggestions for content, focusing on media education in order to resist processes of interpellation, and to be able to recognize and challenge hegemonic discourse; on multicultural antiracist education; and on political education.


Participatory Action Research Participatory Democracy Fixed Ability Political Education Hegemonic Discourse 
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