In this book I address racism and education in the capitalist economies of the U.K. and the U.S., and assess the socialist alternative, with specific reference to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.1 In so doing I examine the efficacy of neo-Marxism (the use of the prefix “neo” is to make a distinction between newer interpretations of a theory or set of ideas and earlier ones) as well as classical Marxism (as originally developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels) in understanding the defining features of the relationship between racism and schooling, and between racism and education. I differentiate “schooling” from “education,” viewing the former as oppressive and using institutions to socialize young people into the norms and values of capitalism, and the latter as liberating and critical and a lifelong societal process, both inside and outside of institutions.2


Black People Critical Race Theory Institutional Racism Capitalist Mode Colored People 
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