Graduate Student Experiences in the CHILD Project: The Invaluable Contribution of Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Research to Young Academics and Professionals

Part of the Critical Cultural Studies of Childhood book series (CCSC)


This chapter features four graduate students’ stories of their experience of concurrently pursuing doctoral studies in a discipline related to child development and working within the interdisciplinary CHILD Project as research assistants. The stories highlight the insights that the students’ participation in the interdisciplinary, collaborative CHILD Project provided. Collectively, the stories present a strong argument in favor of complementing and enriching graduate programs in human development, applied developmental science, or any other discipline related to child development, with interdisciplinary and collaborative research experiences. Particularly, the stories illustrate how the process of intertwining interdisciplinary research experience with theoretical studies and professional training can significantly contribute to the process of meaning making and in-depth knowledge about human development. Even more importantly, the students’ stories touch upon the transformative impact that the col-laborative, interdisciplinary experiences have had for their respective career paths, professional motivations, current research themes, and the hopes and aspirations for their practical work with children in family, school, and community settings, and for their contributions to child development research.


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