Alessandra Belloni

In Her Own Words
  • Luisa Del Giudice
Part of the Italian and Italian American Studies book series (IIAS)


Introduction; 1. Beginnings: Rome, New York; 2. “No Mom, I’m Staying!” 3. A Very Clever, Beautiful Mother and a Tyrannical Father; 4. Mother and Daughter in Film; 5. Maternal Grandparents and Traditional Music: “We Were All Embar- rassed”; 6. Early Musical Tastes: Cabaret; 7. FellinPs Advice; 8. Anna Magnani and a Thwarted Acting Career; 9. Alone in New York; 10. Return to Rome and the Discovery of Traditional Music; 11. John La Barbera, I Giullari, and New York Uni- versity; 12. Tarantismo: First Exposures; 13. Rhythm Is the Cure: Calling Down the Spirits; 14. Puglia and Pizzica: Knives, Sex, and Women; 15. “This Thing Against Women”; 16. “They Live in a Spider’s Web”; 17. Women Have Lost Their Strength; 18. Percussion: Entering “A Real Male World”; 19. Pm Not a Feminist; 20. New Age Nonsense; 21. World Musical Fusions: We are all One; 22. “Pve Always Felt Part Indian”; 23. Italian Americans: A Love-Hate Relationship; 24. “The Kids are Wild About If; 25. Dressing Up; 26. The Black Madonna: The Great Mother; 27. Southern Reincarnations: Naples, Calabria; 28. Current Musical Inclinations and World Music; 29. Artists-in-Residence at St. John the Divine Cathedral, New York; 30. “Mediterranean Volcano” and “Black Madonna”; 31. Priestly Callings


Oral History Mystical Experience Healing Power American Indian Community Traditional Music 
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