Conserver la forme en réformant l’esprit: Reforming Vichy’s Industrial Order, 1944–1946

  • Luc-André Brunet
Part of the Security, Conflict and Cooperation in the Contemporary World book series (SCCCW)


This chapter provides the most thorough study of the reform of Vichy’s Organisation Committees under the Provisional Government of the French Republic (GPRF, 1944–1946). Although the maintenance of Vichy’s bodies was conditional of their reform, nearly all the changes implemented under the GPRF were consistent with the Vichy law that created the Committees in 1940. The industrialists who ran the Committees were not subjected to the épuration (i.e., the purges of Vichy figures) and maintained influential positions within their industry. Moreover, labour representation was included in the bodies, as the Vichy law had originally foreseen. Ultimately, many provisions of the Vichy law were better implemented under de Gaulle than they had been under Pétain.


France Vichy GPRF Industry Economy Organisation committee épuration 

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