Psychological States

  • Elizabeth Hess


Psychological states focus on the invocation of myth (to pattern after; as in), in which character thoughts and emotions emerge from the collective unconscious. Explorations in distinct psychic landscapes focus on universal themes whose dualities elicit amplified storytelling. Archetypes emerge through patterns of magnified behavior, allowing the actor to embrace an expanded sense of self while uncovering these prototypes. Incorporation of masks, puppets and other transformative objects further engage the imagination in heightened and symbolic worlds of play. Each state emphasizes a possible inherent polarization within a universal theme: Survival (life and death), connection (attraction and repulsion), power (strength and weakness), Love (compassion and cruelty) communication (free-will and censorship), awareness (mindfulness and oblivion) and destiny (hope and despair). The interplay of inner psychic contents and outer events generates archetypes that may include the warrior, lover, beggar, nurturer, rebel, visionary and hero.


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