Socioeconomic and Gender Justice in the Qur’an: Modern Challenges

  • Zainab Alwani


This chapter explains the meaning of gender and socioeconomic justice in the Qur’ān and Sunna and its impact on women, family and society. It provides a concise overview of the Qur’ānic paradigm and its principles on gender-justice, and an overview of familial relations and its impact on socioeconomic stability. It also examines the controversial views on the concept of qiwamma, and its impact on gender roles in the family and society. It argues that the Qur’ānic organic unity and Qur’ānic principles can be used as a methodological model for interpreting the Qur’ān and examines how to engage the Prophet’s Sunna holistically in the light of the Qurʾānic messages and objectives. Finally, the chapter concludes by presenting some effective strategies on empowering women and the poor, reducing poverty, and preserving family stability.


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