The Blood Road Reassessed

  • Gorana Ognjenović


One of the historic narratives that benefited greatly from more information being available, due to the disintegration of Yugoslavia is the Yugoslav-Norwegian historic narrative about the internees from Yugoslavia who were sent to Nazi prison camps in Norway during World War II. The purpose of their departure to Norway was forced labor for Organization Todt (OT), the project of building the Atlantic Wall, a German defense line for occupied West Europe (the Third Reich) against an Allied invasion. The untold story of this contribution refers to the contemporary effectiveness of Tito’s revolutionary totalitarianism: the victims are only victims if they were active participants in the revolution. What we shall see in this contribution to the volume is that today, 70 years after liberation day, there are still thousands of civilian internees registered in the official memorial of this common historic narrative as Tito’s partisans.


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