Tito’s 1968 Reinforcing Position

  • Hrvoje Klasić


Apart from being important for the understanding of the Yugoslavian society, the events of 1968 are excellent material for the analysis of the governing and diplomatic skills of the Yugoslavian President, Josip Broz Tito. A welcomed guest to the Kremlin and White House, loved by most of his countrymen, Tito was perceived as a key element for the viability and stability of the complex Yugoslav federation as well as an essential political factor on the global political scene. Because of that, the possibility of jeopardising Tito’s position attracted great domestic and international public interest. After 1948 and the confrontation with Stalin, over the following 20 years Tito’s authority became more and more resilient to all forms of pressure, and his position in the country was indisputable. Hardly anyone could have foreseen how a few events in 1968 could have disturbed this ideal picture.


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