It’s Either Tito or the Soviet Aparatchik

Tito’s Yugoslavia and the United States of America (1945–1991)
  • Tvrtko Jakovina


The leitmotif of this text is the relationship of one superpower to a small peripheral European country with an opposite ideology that had an atypically important role in international relations. The main idea was to show how small countries in the world divided into different blocs may have an important role, along with benevolent superpowers. Relations between Tito’s Yugoslavia and the USA were surely far more important for understanding the politics of Belgrade. But there were moments when the American diplomats were eager to show themselves in a more favorable light in front of hosts that were less sophisticated than they were. They were actually trying to hide their own internal political constraints, especially in relation to other races, because it made the blade of the American criticism blunt and intensified the Yugoslav propaganda.


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