REACH Program

  • Stephen T. Schroth
  • Jason A. Helfer


College students often lack the social capital to negotiate some of the unwritten rules of academia. To increase their chances of being successful, college students from low-SES backgrounds, persons of color, and males considering early childhood education or elementary teaching careers need support groups to help them be successful. Schroth and Helfer maintain that faculty must consciously recruit those whom they believe might be successful teachers. Outstanding candidates facilitate recruiting, and mentor younger colleagues. Services must be framed as recognition, not remediation, and diverse teacher candidates need payment for internships and other opportunities. Retaining candidates requires services and supports tailored to individual needs. Summer experiences are crucial, and seminars providing additional practice with selected teaching strategies (enrichment, curriculum compacting, acceleration, differentiation, and lesson planning) are useful.

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  • Stephen T. Schroth
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  • Jason A. Helfer
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  1. 1.Early Childhood Education DepartmentTowson UniversityTowsonUSA
  2. 2.Illinois State Board of EducationSpringfieldUSA

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