Reconfiguring Intervention

pp 97-118


The Peacebuilding–Counterinsurgency Nexus in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

  • Mandy TurnerAffiliated withKenyon Institute


This chapter argues that there is a nexus between western donor-led peace building and counter-insurgency: both promote forms of governance, development, and security to instil acquiescence and control. This is explored in two ways: first, through an analysis of the philosophy and practices of counter-insurgency and western peace building; and second, through an analysis of western peace-building strategies in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), a site also subject to techniques of dispossession and colonisation by its occupier, Israel. The more subtle methods of counter-insurgency that have eluded Israel—the ones designed to immunise a population against unrest through instituting a form of self-policing—have been more successfully applied by western peace builders. The chapter therefore concludes that there are two forms of counter-insurgency operating in the oPt: the first one is being implemented by Israel, the second by western peace-building agencies. Both, structurally, work towards dismantling Palestinian resistance to Israel’s colonisation practices.


Counter-insurgency Peace building Occupied Palestinian territory Population control