Conclusions: Collective Human Rights and Low-Tech

  • Susan Perry
  • Claudia Roda


As we reflect on how we are going to live with new technology in the decades to come, balance is a key component in our evaluation of the costs and benefits of the digital revolution. The digital tightrope—a balancing act between breakneck technological development on the one side, countered by unforeseen consequences that may promote or violate time-honoured rights on the other—represents a conundrum for humans, both as individuals and as a collective. This book has explored a series of challenges that require thoughtful reflection, the evaluation of one set of interests with respect to another, all within the framework of binding state obligations to protect vulnerable populations. We have argued that the law necessary to regulate use of digital technology for the greater common good is already in place, situated within the architecture of international human rights law and articulated in the constitutions of most nation states.


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