Political Marketing and the 2015 UK General Election

Part of the series Palgrave Studies in Political Marketing and Management pp 99-116


Digital Political Marketing

  • Anthony Ridge-NewmanAffiliated withSchool of Social and Political Sciences, University of Glasgow Email author 
  • , Mary MitchellAffiliated withDepartment of Media Arts, Royal Holloway University


Using i-branding as an analytical framework, this chapter explores the use of digital technologies for political marketing in the 2015 General Election. Combining content analysis with expert interviews, the chapter notes all parties developed a digital campaign. However, comparing party usage, we find the Conservatives performed well in harvesting user data and developing targeted communication; in contrast, Labour performed poorly overall. However, the Scottish National Party (SNP) strategy focused on using two-way interaction and extending reach, which offered greater mutuality. The success of the SNP may highlight the importance of i-branding for developing relationships with potential voters which can act as a springboard to victory.