Sofizar in Lahore, Turning the Competitiveness Index Upside Down

  • Sami Mahroum


Sofizar-ConstellationCK is an online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing company specialising in online ticket sales and educational services. Sofizar itself was founded in 2004 in Lahore, Pakistan, by Zafar Khan, of the Pakistani-American diaspora. With the support of global networks, in early 2009, Khan partnered with US-based serial entrepreneur Carlos Cashman to launch Sofizar’s sister company, ConstellationCK. The two companies merged soon thereafter, operating out of a shared facility in Lahore, with front offices in the USA, and have developed a strong presence in the global industry for Internet marketing, especially in the highly competitive US market. By 2014, the combined operations of Sofizar-ConstellationCK, together with a more recent spin-off company, OrionCKB, generated some US$30 million in annual revenue and employed approximately 170 people, the majority of whom were located in Lahore. During his freshman year of college, Khan declared to friends that he was going to be a millionaire. He did it.


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