A “New” Problem Appears in the 1990s: The Birth of the Contemporary Date Rape Drugs Scare

  • Pamela Donovan


This chapter considers the emergence of the construct “date rape drug” in the 1990s and explains why it is a dubious one. The role of coerced drug use in propping up the by-then flagging War on Drugs is considered, as is the first round of campus activism regarding rape, which focused upon alcohol and offenders known to the victim, typically peers. The typification of the Hillory Farias and the Samantha Reid cases as the “named legislation” inspiration for the Date Rape Drugs Act is held up to scrutiny. Continued avoidance of the reality that the “big three” drugs in date rape drugs rhetoric—flunitrazepam, GHB, and ketamine—are typically taken voluntarily continued to be promulgated by legislators and the media.


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