Aging and Retirement Among College and University Teachers in India

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Population aging is becoming one of the most distinctive demographic events in the world today as discussed in the earlier chapter. Like North America and Europe, Asian countries like India, China, and Japan are not lagging behind. The United Nations Medium Variant Projections indicate that the proportion of younger people up to the age of 15–24 years would fall in most places. The intergenerational balance that is seen today may not be observed in the future. The changing balance between age groups would make the aged more of a burden on society, and as resources are diverted from the young to the old, the world as a whole may experience malevolent intergenerational conflicts and tensions. With improvements in life expectancy at a faster rate for females than for males, there is and will be a progressive aging of the older population, and interestingly a majority of them would be females. Apart from these demographic traits, the socio-economic characteristics of these people are and...

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