Bloom in the Sexualized City

  • Peter Kuch


Despite suppressing concerns about Molly meeting Boylan at No. 7, adultery is persistently brought to Bloom’s attention throughout “Aeolus,” “Lestrygonians,” and “Wandering Rocks” by inferences associated with the people, places, and public monuments he encounters as he foots it round Dublin in his unrewarding and stigmatized job. This chapter proposes that Bloom’s much criticized indecisiveness is, in fact, a justifiable response of a colonial subject in a Catholic society that paradoxically gave covert license, through confession and contrition, to what it sought rigorously to suppress, and that Bloom’s indecisiveness in fact chimes with contemporary legal debates about the ways “presumption of innocence,” “evidential proof,” and “legal burden” figured in divorce proceedings.


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