Queer as Catachresis: The Beijing Queer Film Festival in Cultural Translation

  • Hongwei Bao
Part of the Framing Film Festivals book series (FFF)


Hongwei Bao examines the production of queer subjects across various editions of the Beijing Queer Film Festival (BJQFF) from 2001 to now. Using the analytical framework of catachresis, Bao examines the politics of translating sexualities, film festival culture, and social movements in a transnational and cross-cultural context. Bao also considers multiple factors that shape the BJQFF today, including socialist pedagogy and the cultural exhibition tradition, “guerrilla warfare” tactics and spatial politics, independent cinema and neoliberal governance as well as the role that individual organizers played in politicizing the festival. Bao calls for a non-Eurocentric understanding of queer identity and politics, and an attention to the ideological contestations between socialism and neoliberal capitalism that continue to shape the transnational film festival culture today.


Sexual Minority Film Festival Guerrilla Warfare Cultural Translation Sexual Minority Community 
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