Is a Citizen’s Income Administratively Feasible?

  • Malcolm Torry
Part of the Exploring the Basic Income Guarantee book series (BIG)


This is perhaps the easiest feasibility test for Citizen’s Income to pass. In the UK, such universal benefits as Child Benefit and the Winter Fuel Allowance are the easiest type of benefit to administer; and among health services, the universal ‘free at the point of use’ National Health Service (NHS) generates fewer administrative problems than other kinds. This suggests that administration of Citizen’s Income will be easy to achieve. The chapter shows that potential difficulties could easily be overcome, and that alternatives to Citizen’s Income would all be more difficult to administer than Citizen’s Income. A further feasibility test relates to whether it would be possible to administer the transition to a Citizen’s Income scheme. Different schemes and different implementation methods can lead to different answers.


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