Race, Gender, and the Fascist Colonial Imaginary

  • Gaia Giuliani
Part of the Mapping Global Racisms book series (MGR)


Giuliani focuses on the construction of whiteness in fascist Italy through a process of “externalisation” of blackness onto the African colonies. The chapter explores rearticulations of exoticism and symbolic cannibalism in the representation of the Overseas racialised Other as tools to legitimise colonial submission and appropriation and accomplish the “whitening” of Italians (1922–1936), as well as claiming Italians’ Mediterranean Aryanness (1936–1945). These processes are analysed through the deconstruction of representations of subaltern/racialised and hegemonic (white) masculinity and femininity in colonial photographs, magazines and films such as Messalina by Enrico Guazzoni (1922), Il cammino degli eroi by Corrado d’Errico (1936), Scipione l’Africano by Carmine Gallone (1937) and La corona di ferro by Luigi Maggi (1941).

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  • Gaia Giuliani
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  1. 1.Centro de Estudos SociaisUniversity of CoimbraCoimbraPortugal

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