Erratum to: Bodies in Resistance

  • Wendy Harcourt
Part of the Gender, Development and Social Change book series (GDSC)

Erratum to:

Chapter 8 in: W. Harcourt (ed.), Bodies in Resistance,

DOI 10.1057/978-1-137-47780-4_8

The title for Chapter 8 has been updated as below:

Transgendered Bodies as Subjects of Feminism. A Conversation and Analysis about the Inclusion of Trans Persons and Politics in the Nicaraguan Feminist Movement: In dialogue with María Teresa Blandón, Geni Gómez, Athiany Larios.

Silke Heumann, Ana V. Portocarrero and Camilo Antillón Najlis

The Author name in TOC has been updated as below:

Betül Yarar

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