Ronald Meek’s “Magnificent” Review Article of Piero Sraffa’s 1960 Classic: Top Hit in Decade 1954–63

  • G. C. Harcourt


I am not surprised but I am delighted that Ronald Meek’s review article, Meek (1961), of Piero Sraffa’s 1960 classic received the greatest number of hits in the decade 1954–63 in the Scottish Journal of Political Economy. The reviews of Sraffa’s book ranged from the incomprehensible through the banal (one was even vitiated by a misinterpretation of the economic intuition of an arithmetic example), to the insightful and definitive. In the last category are the articles by Krishna Bharadwaj (1963), Maurice Dobb (1970), Ronald Meek and, to a lesser extent, Joan Robinson (1961).1


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