Policy-Making in a Transformative State

pp 295-307


Integrated Water, Energy, and Food Governance: A Qatari Perspective

  • Rabi H. MohtarAffiliated withTexas AM UniversityQatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), Qatar Foundation


This chapter describes opportunities and challenges for Qatar achieving water, energy, and food security. It also describes the environmental issues in the state of Qatar and the current governance structure for these vital resources. It provides a case study of food security and the benefits of an integrated governance of the food system and its inter-relationship with water and energy resources, outlining implementation gaps for an integrated resources management and governance. Due to the country’s size, uniformity in ecological and sociopolitical governance, as well as its political governance structure, the chapter ends by suggesting an opportunity for Qatar to lead global efforts in implementing a holistic governance structure of water, food, and energy security that recognizes the interdependencies of these resources and the strong interlinkages that they exhibit.