Transpacific Feminism: Writing Women’s Movement from a Transnational Perspective

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The women’s movement might be the most successful case of a social movement becoming ‘global’ both in its nature and in the scope of its organization. Its newly adopted agenda, ‘Women’s Rights as Human Rights’, played a crucial role in promoting global support and solidarity for the women’s movement, mainly through UN international conferences and declarations. From the 1990s on, female activists from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific have actively contributed to global women’s issues as international feminists; they have articulated perspectives from their home countries and discussed together a range of gendered human rights issues, which has successfully led to several types of women’s mobilization beyond national borders. The Beijing conference held in 1995 was one of such international conferences prominent in its size and number of participants and has been regarded as an important milestone in the history of the development of the global women’s movement.


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