Affordable Housing and Planning

  • Michael Oxley
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The term affordable housing has become a synonym for housing provided at sub-market prices to households on low incomes. In Britain, the production of such housing has in recent years been supplied in large measure by housing associations, and similar nonprofit organizations supply affordable housing throughout Europe. The suppliers also include, in some countries, private-sector organizations who, in return for fiscal concessions or other forms of support, supply housing at low rents to low-income households. This is the case in Germany, for example. It is also the dominant model for affordable housing supply in the USA where both profit and non-profit organizations play a role in affordable housing provision. Such accommodation, especially when rented, is often called social housing, but affordable housing also embraces various forms of low-cost home ownership and partly-rented, partly-owned dwellings. Affordable housing involves some sort of explicit or implicit subsidy, and as explicit subsidies in the form of grants or soft loans have declined, attention has focused on the role of the planning system in facilitating the development of new affordable housing.


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