The Academic Book of the Future

pp 32-38

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The Academic Book of the Future and the Need to Break Boundaries

  • Jenny McCall
  • , Amy Bourke-Waite


Market research demonstrates that scholars’ attitudes towards monographs are changing, and that there is appetite for a shorter monograph form. The introduction of mid-length research format Palgrave Pivot in 2012 has proved that such a venture can be successful, and that more flexibility and speed may hold the key to the academic book of the future in humanities and social science research. In this chapter Jenny McCall, Global Head of Humanities at Palgrave Macmillan, and Amy Bourke-Waite, Senior Communications Manager at Palgrave Macmillan, consider the demand for Palgrave Pivot and similar mid-length offerings from academic publishers, the reception they have received from the academic community, and where we might go from here.


academic publishers market research mid-length offering Palgrave Pivot print on demand publishing speed shorter monograph form