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  • Terrell Carver
  • Daniel Blank
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Marx and Engels’s “German ideology” Manuscripts presents a completely fresh translation of the manuscript fragments misleadingly known as the “chapter” “I. Feuerbach,” by far the most widely read element of the published volume named The German Ideology.1 Uniquely in English the rendition of these manuscripts in this volume makes changes and corrections undertaken individually by the two authors visible within the text itself. Each opening presents a “variant-rich” text on the left (verso) page and a “smooth” text of the “last hand” for each author on the right (recto). The reader thus gains easy access to a collaborative “laboratory” in which Marx and Engels worked actively together—sometimes sparring with one another—to find a new way of answering questions such as: What should we understand by humanity, civilization, industry, politics, and society? How do we connect social change with a desirable future? What validates the truth and the politics of the answers?


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