Irrationalities in Welfarist Organizational Pathways

  • Corey Lee Wrenn


Nonhuman Animals are beaten, raped, torn from their homes, separated from their families, enslaved, subjected to medical experimentation, killed, and even consumed by other members of society. For the most part, this is taken for granted as normal, acceptable, and even natural. This happens day in and day out in every human society to trillions of nonhuman persons. Nonhumans receive limited legal protection that tends only to respect the property rights of their “owners” (Francione, 1995, p.44). Without a doubt, Nonhuman Animals comprise the largest oppressed group in human society. They suffer the greatest number of injustices and receive the most limited attention and assistance. Because they, like human animals, are sentient and experience this inequality as a result of socially created hierarchies of power, they should not be excluded from moral concern and social responsibility.


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