The Politics of ‘Anti-Social’ Behaviour within the ‘Troubled Families’ Programme

  • Sue Bond-Taylor


Family intervention initiatives have appeared within successive governments as a politically popular mechanism for tackling ‘anti-social’ behaviour, emerging more recently as a central feature within the Conservative- Liberal Democrat Coalition government’s strategy for reforming anti-social behaviour policy. Since coming into office in 2010, the Coalition has expressed its commitment to addressing anti-social behaviour, building upon the framework of enforcement tools developed within New Labour’s Respect Agenda. Its White Paper, Putting Victims First. More Effective Responses to Anti-social Behaviour (Home Office, 2012b) discusses the importance of balancing enforcement action with action preventing anti-social behaviour in the first instance:

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) cannot be addressed long term by dealing reactively with the behaviour of those who already have entrenched and serious behavioural problems. In line with the approach of other initiatives, such as the Government’s recently published strategy for Social Justice, we must also prevent anti-social behaviour from happening in the first place, for example by tackling the risk factors that can drive it across society. (Home Office, 2012b: 34)


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