Before Self-Immolation: Tibetan Monks on the World Stage, Circa 2008

  • John Whalen-Bridge


Tibetan monks and laypersons protested throughout 2008 in the “Flame of Truth” campaign, shadowing the Olympic torch that was being passed from city to city. The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile (TPiE) organized this high-profile protest, which latched onto the publicity generated by the Olympics in Beijing. It got the world’s attention, but lasted only as long as the Olympics (“Tibetan Parliament’s Press Conference”). “Google Trends” provides a visual indication of worldwide interest in a given topic by representing periods of greatest interest as spikes in a graph, dating back to Google’s beginning in 2004. Search a term such as “Tibetan protest,” and the resulting graph will show when the term was most widely searched by Google users (See Figure 2.1).


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