Altruism in EVE — A Simple Experiment of Online ‘Dictator Games’

  • Carl D. Mildenberger


EVE is considered and desired to be a harsh universe by the player base — and even intentionally designed by the developers to be unforgiving; it is a seemingly anonymous environment guided by evil social institutions. Given this characterization of EVE, one big question has to be addressed: is EVE an instance of a virtual dystopia? Maybe the extent of economic evil is as important in EVE because, unlike in the real world, the positive deviations from the idea of economic man are missing: there are neither good people (‘moral good’) nor good situations (‘natural good’) in EVE and consequently no good actions. Based on this opinion that EVE is a ‘corrupted’ environment not valid for doing research on human morality, one hypothesis could simply be: there is no such thing as altruism in EVE.


Normal Group Social Conflict Dictator Game Experienced Player Game Mechanic 
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