Wise Management in Organisational Complexity

pp 134-150

Wicked Problem: Educating for Complexity and Wisdom

  • Jay Hays


The challenges confronting humanity today are many, stubborn, competing and tangled (Küpers, 2007; Walker, Daniels and Emborg, 2008). They may be more complex and far-reaching than challenges posed at any time in the past (Hinterhuber, 1996; Keating, Kauffmann and Dryer, 2001). The modern age is turbulent and fraught with uncertainty and unpredictability (Crossan, Vera and Nanjad, 2008; Scharmer et al., 2001). To make matters worse, the pace of change is relentless and accelerating. Many of the problems vexing us as we venture further into the twenty-first century are outcomes of past innovations or solutions that seemed fitting at the time, but have come back to haunt us.