Reflections on New Horizons

  • Jerry TalandisJr.
Part of the Communicating in Professions and Organizations book series (PSPOD)


As an English teacher firmly ensconced in the ‘New Horizons’ stage, I can confirm with confidence that experimentation and reassessment are indeed major themes I‘m currently facing in my career. The chapters by Quirke, Mann, and Richards have helped me reflect on these in productive and insightful ways. In the commentary that follows, I offer up my own story in hopes of highlighting how the research done by these authors has resonated in the life of one teacher. I’ll begin with some background information, looking briefly at my professional development arc. Next, I will delineate some issues at the forefront of my mind these days, then provide commentary on each chapter in light of them. Finally, I’ll offer up some conclusions on insights gained and lessons learned.


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