Human Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: Conflict Resolution and the Role of Civil Society

  • Hussein Solomon


Africa cannot be described as a peaceful continent. Conflicts rage in many regions across the African continent. The apparent insolubility of several of these conflicts compromises hopes that Africans have of a Renaissance on their continent. The conflicts undermine economic development, and result in the further marginalization of Africa within the global political economy. These conflicts result in tragic loss of life, the devastation of communities, and the displacement of millions of people. In the process, human security is severely compromised. According to the Bonn Declaration of 1991 human insecurity refers to a threat to human life, lifestyle or culture. Caroline Thomas further unpacks human security as follows: ‘At one level, it is about the fulfilment of basic material needs, and at another it is about the achievement of human dignity, which incorporates personal autonomy, control over one’s life, and unhindered participation in the life of the community’ (Thomas 1997: 3, in Parleviet 2001).


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