Human Security and Exceptionalism(s): Securitization, Neo-liberalism and Islam

  • Mustapha Kamal Pasha


The unsettling events of 9/11 (Calhoun et al. 2002; Smith 2002a, b; Gray 2002) have directed unprecedented foci on the social and psychological worlds of Islam; their constitutive affinity to politics and violence; unspoken pathologies of Islamic culture and collective psyche; and strategies to civilize populations mesmerized by that religion’s vast and seemingly irrational appeal. Orientalist modes of capture and recognition have offered, with renewed vitality, familiar taxonomies of Islamic exceptionalism. A consolidated view of Muslim cultural rigidity infused by religion (Lewis 2002) pervades the public sphere as ‘common sense’ (Gramsci [1891–1937] 1992, 1996). Against the backdrop of global exceptionalism (Agamben 2005, Bhuta 2003), and ongoing processes of neo-liberal globalization (Roberts et al. 2003), the worlds of Islam face unprecedented stress.


Civil Society Human Dignity Muslim Woman Human Security Orientalist Mode 
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