Human Security and Insecurity: a Perspective from the Other America

  • Jorge Nef


This essay deals with four interconnected themes: international development, globalization (Cox 1994), the crisis of the state, and the worldwide impact of terrorism (Powell 2004). It does so from a distinctively theoretical and critical standpoint (Smith 1987; Schutz 1962a), that of a Chilean-Canadian. Two concepts are central in our study: human security and mutual vulnerability (Nef 1995). The former refers to the creation and maintenance of circumstances conducive to the reduction of risk and uncertainty in the achievement of what Lasswell referred to as ‘human dignity’ (Lasswell 1950). Mutual vulnerability (Head 1991), in turn implies shared dysfunctions affecting the overall well-being of people.


Foreign Policy National Security Human Dignity Conflict Management World System 
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