Epilogue: The Politics of the Affective Digital

  • Athina Karatzogianni


This epilogue serves the purpose of extracting some of the political aspects of digital affect discussed by the contributors and highlight their importance for this new, emerging field of study. In plain words, this is a cross-disciplinary area between cultural studies and digital media; nevertheless, it is still the politics of emotion and affect, which digital media generate, that are the main preoccupation of the book (see Kuntsman’s Introduction, this volume). In my own work, I argue that affective structures mediate between the actual and the digital virtual. This spectrum of affect relates to the interface between the actual and the digital, which contains the possibilities of what may or may not happen, to use the Deleuzo-Guattarian notion of the virtual as potentiality (see Karatzogianni, this volume). In certain cases, where structures are overflown with affect, the virtual is materialized, leading to what I called the ‘Revolutionary Virtual’. With this specific concept in mind, I would like to revisit the contributions made hitherto, to make sense of the consequences of such a notion for the political in digital affect, while taking on board the significant theoretical and empirical contributions made available by the authors in this volume.


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