Sakartvelos Respublika (Republic of Georgia)
  • Brian Hunter
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Key Historical Events. The independent Georgian Social Democratic Republic was declared on 26 May 1918 by the National Council, elected by the National Assembly of Georgia on 22 Nov. 1917, and was recognized by the RSFSR on 7 May 1920. On 12 Feb. 1921 a rising broke out in Mingrelia, Abkhazia and Adjaria, and Soviet troops invaded the country, which, on 25 Feb. 1921, was proclaimed the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. On 15 Dec. 1922 Georgia was merged with Armenia and Azerbaijan to form the Trancaucasian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic. In 1936 the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic became one of the constituent republics of the USSR. Following nationalist successes at elections in Oct. 1990, the Supreme Soviet resolved in Nov. 1990 to begin a transition to full independence and on 9 April 1991, following a 98–9% popular vote in favour, unanimously declared the republic an independent state based on the treaty of independence of May 1918.


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