Czech Republic

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Key Historical Events. Czechoslovakia came into existence on 28 Oct. 1918, when the Czech (National Committee) took over the government of the Czech lands upon the dissolution of Austria-Hungary. Two days later the Slovak National Council manifested its desire to unite politically with the Czechs. On 14 Nov. 1918 the first Czechoslovak National Assembly declared the Czechoslovak State to be a republic with T. G. Masaryk as President (1918–35). For terrritorial changes up to and during the Second World War se. The Statesman’s Year-Book, 1995–96, p. 464. Liberation by the Soviet Army and US Forces was completed by May 1945 and territories taken by Germans, Poles and Hungarians were restored to Czechoslovak sovereignty. Subcarpathian Ruthenia was transferred to the USSR.

Česká Republika


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