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In 1863 Sweden and Norway were united in a personal union of the crowns, but with separate governments, constitutions and laws. The ancient Diet of the Four Estates (Nobility, Clergy, Burghers and Peasants) was still in existence, but in 1863 a reform bill was laid before it which became the Parliament Act of 1866 creating the two-chamber legislature. The population was 4m.; of these, over 70% were engaged in agriculture and less than 15% in industry. About 11% lived in towns and cities. The triennial budget 1864–66 envisaged total revenue of 33·65m. rixdalers (£7·3m.) and expenditure of 31·24m. rixdalers (£6·77m.). Among the exports, iron ore and forestry products were predominant. Railway lines increased from 500 km in 1860 to 1,300 km in 1865. Sweden had a colony in the West Indies, Saint-Barthélemy, which was sold to France in 1877.

Konungariket Sverige


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