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GOVERNMENT AND CONSTITUTION. The Spanish State was established by Gen. Franco’s victory on 1 April 1939. For a short account of the Civil War in Spain, 17 July 1936 to 28 March 1939, see The Statesman’s Yeak-Book, 1939, pp. 1325–26. On 1 Feb. 1938 the first civil government was proclaimed, with Gen. Franco, possessing dictatorial powers, at its head. It was, on 7 July 1965, reconstituted as follows:

Leader (Caudillo) of the Empire, Chief of the State, C.-in-G. of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister and Head of the Falange Party: Gen. Francisco Franco Bahamonde (born 4 Dec. 1892).

Vice-President of Government: Capt.-Gen. Agustin Muñoz Grandes.

Foreign Affairs: Fernando Maria Castiella y Maiz.

Army: Gen. Camilo Menendez Tolosa.

Navy: Vice-Adm. Pedro Nieto Antúñez.

Air: Gen. José Lacalle Larraga.

Justice: Antonio Maria Oriol y Urquijo.

Secretary-General of the Falange Party: José Solís Ruiz.

Finance: Juan José Espinosa San Martin.

Industry: Gregorio López Bravo de Castro.

Commerce and Food: Faustino García-Monco Fernandez.

Agriculture: Adolfo Díaz-Ambrona.

Education: Manuel Lora Tamayo.

Public Works: Federico Silva Muñoz.

Labour: Jesus Romeo Gorria.

Interior: Gen. Camilo Alonso Vega.

Information and Tourism: Manuel Fraga Iribarne.

Housing: José María Martínez Sánchez Arjona.

Under-Secretary of the Presidency: Vice-Adm. Luis Carrero Blanco.

Without portfolio: Laureano López Rodó.

Estado Español


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