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On 31 October, 1925, the Majlis, ‘in the name of the national welfare,’ proclaimed the deposition of the Shah, Sultan Ahmad, and the overthrow of the Kajar dynasty. On 13 December the Constituent Assembly elected Riza Khan Pahlevi Shah of Persia and made the crown of Darius hereditary in his family. On 15 December the new Shah took the oath to defend the constitution, and on 16 December he was publicly proclaimed. On 16 September, 1941, Riza Shah abdicated and left the country. He died in Johannesburg on 26 July, 1944. He was succeeded by his son, Muhammed Riza Pahlevi (born 26 October, 1919), who was sworn before the Majlis on 18 September, 1941. On 15 March, 1939, the Shah married Princess Fawzieh, eldest sister of King Farouk of Egypt. They have a daughter, born in 1940.


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