Regno d’Italia
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Vittorio Emanuele III, born November 11, 1869, the only son of King Umberto I of Italy and of Queen Margherita ; . succeeded to the throne on the death of his father, July 29, 1900 ; married October 24, 1896, to Elena, born January 8, 1873, daughter of Nicholas, King of Montenegro; offspring, (1) Princess Jolanda, born June 1, 1901, married on April 9, 1923, to Count Calvi di Bergolo; has three daughters and a son, born in 1924, 1927, 1930 and 1933 respectively ; (2) Princess Mafalda, born November 19, 1902, married on September 23, 1925, to Prince Philip of Hesse; has two sons, born in 1926 and in 1927 respectively; (3) Prince Umberto Nicola Tomaso Giovanni Maria, Prince of Piedmont and Heir Apparent, born September 15, 1904, married January 8, 1930, to Marie-José of Belgium, born August 4, 1906; offspring : Princess Maria Pia, born September 24, 1934; Prince Vittorio Emanuele, born February 12, 1937, Prince of Naples; Princess Maria Gabriella, born February 25, 1940; Princess Beatrice, born February 2, 1943; (4) Princess Giovanna, born November 13, 1907, married to King Boris of Bulgaria, on October 25, 1930; has one daughter and a son, born in 1933 and 1937 respectively; (5) Princess Maria, born December 26, 1914, married January 23, 1939, to Prince Louis of Bourbon-Parma, ninth son of the late Robert, Duke of Parma; offspring; two children, one born August 7, 1940, and the other July 18, 1942.


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