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Iceland is a large island in the North Atlantic, close to the Arctic Circle, and comprises an area of about 103,000 sq. kilometres (39,758 sq. miles), with its extreme northern point (the Rifrangi) lying in latitude 66° 32′ north, and its most southerly point (Dyrhólaey, Portland) in latitude 63° 24′ north, not including the islands north and south of the land; if these are counted in, the country extends from 67° 10′ north (the Kolbeinsey) to 63° 19′ north (Geirfuglasker, one of the Westman Islands). With longitudinal direction east-west, it stretches from 13° 30′ west of Greenwich (the Gerpir) to 24° 32′ west of Greenwich (Latrabjarg). The skerry Hvalbakur (The Whaleback) lies 13° 16′ west of Greenwich, or a little farther east than the Gerpir.


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