The Dominions in the British Commonwealth of Nations

  • M. Epstein
Part of the The Statesman’s Yearbook book series (SYBK)


The Dominions in the British Commonwealth of Nations are given here in the following order : 1, Canada; 2, Australia; 3, New Zealand ; 4, South Africa, and 5, Eire (Ireland).


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Books of Reference

Canada: Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Canada: 1. Official Publications.

  1. Official publications are issued by the several Government departments and branches concerned.Google Scholar
  2. Canada, Official Handbook. Dominion Bureau of Statistics. Ottawa. Annual.Google Scholar
  3. The Canada Year Book— official statistical annual of the resources, history, institutions and social and economic conditions of the Dominion.— Dominion Bureau of Statistics. Ottawa. Annual.Google Scholar
  4. Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs. Toronto. Annual.Google Scholar
  5. Monthly Review of Business Statistics. Dominion Bureau of Statistics. Ottawa.Google Scholar
  6. Atlas of the Agriculture, Climate and Population of the Prairie Provinces of Canada. — Dominion Bureau of Statistics. Ottawa, 1932.Google Scholar

2. Non-Official Publications.

  1. Royal Society of Canada. Fifty Years Retrospect, 1882–1932. Toronto, 1933.Google Scholar
  2. Social Planning for Canada. By the Research Committee of the League for Social Reconstruction. London, 1935.Google Scholar
  3. Cambridge History of the British Empire. Vol. VI. Canada and Newfoundland. Cambridge, 1930.Google Scholar
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Canadian Provinces: Alberta.: Books of Reference.

  1. Official Publications of the Departments of Agriculture, Education Provincial Secretary, Public Works, Municipal Affairs, Railways and Telephones, Estimates, Public Accounts, Public Health, Police, Public Utility Commissioners, Workmen’s Compensation Board, Superintendent Neglected Children, Insurance, Scientific and Industrial Research Council. (All of these may be obtained free upon application.)Google Scholar
  2. Place Names of Alberta. Published by the Department for the Interior. Ottawa, 1928.Google Scholar
  3. Alberta: Statistics of Progress, Booklets and Maps by Publicity Commissioner, Edmonton.Google Scholar
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  9. Thwaite (L.), Alberta. London, 1912.Google Scholar

British Columbia.: Books of Reference.

  1. The Official Reports of the various Departments (Mines, Forestry, Fisheries, Agriculture, Labour and Land), and the publications of the Bureau of Provincial Information.Google Scholar
  2. Auto Camp and Stopping Places iu British Columbia. Victoria.Google Scholar
  3. Alluring British Columbia. Victoria.Google Scholar
  4. British Columbia Manual. Victoria. Annual.Google Scholar
  5. British Columbia, Canada (Official Handbook). Victoria.Google Scholar
  6. British Columbia’s Picturesque Highways. Victoria.Google Scholar
  7. Rod and Rifle in British Columbia, (a booklet on Big Game Hunting and Sport Fishing). Victoria.Google Scholar
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Manitoba: Books of Reference.

  1. Official publications of the various provincial government departments.Google Scholar
  2. Bulletins, Sixth Census of Canada : Manitoba. Ottawa, 1926.Google Scholar
  3. Kitto (F. H.), Manitoba : Its Development and Opportunities. Ottawa, 1931.Google Scholar
  4. Natural Resources of the Prairie Province. Ottawa, 1923.Google Scholar
  5. The Hudson Bay Railway Belt and Hudson Bay. Ottawa.Google Scholar
  6. Canada and its Provinces; Toronto, 1914.Google Scholar
  7. McWilliam (M.), Manitoba Milestones, London, 1928.Google Scholar
  8. The Hudson Bay Region. Ottawa.Google Scholar

New Brunswick.: Books of Reference.

  1. Reports of various Government Departments.Google Scholar
  2. Bulletin: Sixth Census of Canada. Ottawa, 1921.Google Scholar
  3. New Brunswick : Its Natural Resources. Ottawa, 1930.Google Scholar
  4. Thomas (L. O.), The Province of New Brunswick, Canada. Ottawa, 1930.Google Scholar

Nova Scotia: Books of Eeference

  1. Bourinot (Sir J,), Builders of Nova Scotia.Google Scholar
  2. Baliburton (T. C.), Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia.— History of Nova Scotia.Google Scholar
  3. Longstreth (T. M.), The Sunrise Province of Canada. London, 1935.Google Scholar
  4. Proceedings and Transactions of the Nova Scotia Historical Society and Nova Scotia Institute of Science.Google Scholar
  5. Philpot (H, S.), The Province of Nova Scotia : Resources and Development. Ottawa, 1930.Google Scholar
  6. Willson (Beckles), Nova Scotia, The Province that has been passed by. London, 1912.Google Scholar

Ontario: Books of Reference

  1. Reports of various Government Departments.Google Scholar
  2. Guillet (E. C.), Early Life in Upper Canada. Toronto, 1933.Google Scholar

Prince Edward Island.: Books of Reference

  1. Reports of various Government Departments.Google Scholar
  2. Census of Canada.Google Scholar
  3. Handbook on Prince Edward Island. Issued by the Department of the Interior, Ottawa,Google Scholar
  4. Campbell (D.), History of Prince Edward Island.Google Scholar
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  6. Pollard (J. B.), Historical Sketch of Prince Edward Island.Google Scholar
  7. Sutherland (G.), Geography, Natural and Civil History of Prince Edward Island.Google Scholar

Quebec: Books of Reference

  1. Statistical Tear Book. Annual. Quebec.Google Scholar
  2. Reports of various Government Departments.Google Scholar
  3. Seventh Census of Canada, 1931,Google Scholar
  4. Armstrong (Elizabeth H.), The Crisis of Quebec, 1914–18. New York, 1937.Google Scholar
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Saskatchewan: Books of Reference

  1. Reports of various Government Departments.Google Scholar
  2. Black (Dr.), History of Saskatchewan. Regina, 1913.Google Scholar
  3. Boam (U. J.), and Brown (A. G.), The Prairie Provinces of Canada, London, 1914.Google Scholar
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Yukon: Books of Reference

  1. The Yukon Act, 1919 (Consolidated).Google Scholar
  2. Yukon Official Gazette.Google Scholar
  3. Yukon Territory, 1926.Google Scholar
  4. Publications of North-West Territories and Yukon Branch, Department of Interior. Ottawa, 1922.Google Scholar
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The Northwest Territories: Books of Reference

  1. Publications of Northwest Territories and Yukon Branch, Department of Interior, Ottawa :—Google Scholar
  2. Report of the Royal Commission on the possibilities of the Reindeer and Musk-ox industries in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions.Google Scholar
  3. Report of the Director of the Northwest Territories and Yukon Branch, 1929–30.Google Scholar
  4. An Economic Survey of Districts of Keewatinand Northeastern Mackenzie.Google Scholar
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  13. Canada’s Western Arctic.Google Scholar
  14. Manchet (G. IL), Northwest Territories. Ottawa, 1930.Google Scholar

The Commonwealth of Australia: Books of Reference concerning the Commonwealth of Australia: 1. Official Publications

  1. Bach of the States publishes an Annual Year-Book or Statistical Register, as well as Annual Reports of the various administrative, industrial, educational, and other departments, and Official Publications dealing with Australia are issued by the Commonwealth Statistician.Google Scholar
  2. Bean (C. E. W.), Editor. Official History of Australia in the War of 1914–18. Sydney, 1921 to dale.Google Scholar
  3. The Dominions Office and Colonial Office List. Published annually. London.Google Scholar
  4. Reports on Economic and Financial Situation. London (Department of Overseas Trade). Annual.Google Scholar
  5. Statistical Abstract for the British Self-governing Dominions, Crown Colonies, &c. Annual. (Board of Trade.) London.Google Scholar
  6. Historical Records of Australia, Library Committee of the Commonwealth Parliament. Watson, Dr. F. (ed.). Sydney. 1914–1926.Google Scholar
  7. Transport and Communication. Annual.Google Scholar
  8. Royal Commission on che Constitution of the Commonwealth Report. Canberra, 1929.Google Scholar

2. Non-Official Publications.

  1. The First Fleet. The Record of the Foundation of Australia from its Conception to the Settlement at Sydney Cove. (Introduction and Notes by Owen Rutter. Foreword by the Hon. B. S. B. Stevens. Five Engravings by Peter Barker-Mill.) London, 1937.Google Scholar
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Local Government: Books of Reference

  1. The Official Year-Book of New South Wales. Published annually by Government Statistician. Sydney.Google Scholar
  2. New South Wales Statistical Register, Published annually by Government Statistician. Sydney.Google Scholar
  3. New South Wales Statistical Bulletin. Published quarterly by Government Statistician. Sydney.Google Scholar
  4. New South Wales Statesman’s Tear Book (pocket-size). Published annually by Government Statistician.Google Scholar
  5. Monthly Summary of Business Statistics. Published Monthly by Government Statistician. Sydney.Google Scholar
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  7. Official Reports of Department of Railways ; Department of Road Transpnrt and Tramways ; Mines Department; Department of Lands; Department of Agriculture; Public Works ; Local Government ; Public Instruction ; Metropolitan Water, Sewerage and Drainage Board ; Maritime Services Beard ; Water Conservation and Irrigation Commission ; Forestry Commission. Published annually. Sydney.Google Scholar
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  11. See also under Australia.Google Scholar

Victoria: Books of Reference

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  2. Mineral Statistics of Victoria. Annual. Melbourne.Google Scholar
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  12. See also under Australia.Google Scholar

Queensland: Books of Reference

  1. Queensland Year Book. Government Statistician. Annual. Brisbane.Google Scholar
  2. Statistics of Queensland. Government Statistician. Annual. Brisbane.Google Scholar
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  10. See also under Australia.Google Scholar
  11. Many works relating to Queenisland can be obtained from the Agent General in Loudon.Google Scholar

South Australia: Books of Reference

  1. Annual Pocket Year Book. (Government Statist.)Google Scholar
  2. Annual Statistical Register. (Government Statist.)Google Scholar
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Western Australia: Books of Reference

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  12. See also under Australia.Google Scholar

Tasmania: Books of Reference

  1. Statistics of Tasmania. Annual.Google Scholar
  2. Pocket Year Book of Statistics. Annual.Google Scholar
  3. Annual Reports of Departments.Google Scholar
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The Northern Territory of Australia. Government.: Books of Reference

  1. Annual Reports by the Administrator.Google Scholar
  2. Official Year Book of the Common wealth of Australia. Annual. Melbourne.Google Scholar
  3. Basedow (Herbert), The Australian Aboriginal. Adelaide, 1925.Google Scholar
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  12. See also under Australia.Google Scholar

Territories of the Australian Commonwealth Territory of Papua (British New Guinea).: Books of Reference.

  1. Annual Reports of Lieutenant-Governor.Google Scholar
  2. Government Handbook of the Territory of Papua.Google Scholar
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