(República de Guatemala.)
  • M. Epstein
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The Republic of Guatemala, established on March 21, 1847, after having formed for twenty-six years part of the Confederation of Central America, is governed under a Constitution proclaimed December, 1879, and modified in 1887, 1897, 1913, and finally in July, 1927. The present Constitution came into effect January 1, 1928. The legislative power is vested in a single-chambered National Assembly, consisting of representatives (one for every 30,000 inhabitants) chosen by universal suffrage for 4 years. In addition a Council of State of 7 members, 3 elected by the National Assembly, and 4 appointed by the President of the Republic, has supervision of public concessions and contracts, and large advisory powers. The President is elected for 6 years, and barred from re-election for a period of 12 years.


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