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The ancient Empire of Abyssinia, or ‘Ethiopia,’ includes the former Kingdoms of Tigré, in the north-east; Amhara and Gojjam, in the centre, and Shoa in the south; besides many other smaller and formerly independent or quasi-independent dependencies, together with the modern acquisitions to the south, Harrar, and the Galla, Shankalla and Dankali territories. The following are the principal provinces into which the country is divided: Harrar, Wollo, Gurage, Kaffa, Gore, Sayu, Benishangul, Wogera, Southern Tigré, Adowa and Aksun, Sokota, Lasta, Goffa, Nekemti (Lekempti) and the Western. Galla countries, Sellale, Wollaga, Gimira, Sidamo, Arussi, Borana, Gojjam, Gondar, Jimma. The whole area is 350,000 sq. miles. For treaties relating to the boundaries of Abyssinia see The Statesman’s Year-Book for 1907, p. 667, and for 1923, p. 677.


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