(Moghreb-el-Aksa, i.e. The Farthest West)
  • M. Epstein
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Moulay Youssef, G.C.M.G., son of Moulay Hassan (reigned 1873–1894), was proclaimed Sultan on August 18, 1912. His brothers and predecessors, Moulay Abd-el-Aziz (1894–1908) and Moulay Hafid (1908–1912), on whose abdication he was raised to the throne, are living and in receipt of pensions from the Sherifian Government. They reside at Tangier and in France respectively. Formerly each Sultan was supposed prior to death to indicate the member of the house most fitted to succeed him, but the succession was in principle elective and dependent on acceptance by notable personages. In present conditions Moulay Idris, the eldest of Moulay Youssefs four sons, is generally regarded as prospective heir to the throne.


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