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The ancient Empire of Abyssinia, or ‘Ethiopia,’ includes the Kingdoms of Tigré, with Lasta, in the north-east; Amhara, with Gojam, in the west and centre ; Shoa in the south ; besides territories and dependencies as far as Kafa in the south and Harar in the south-cast, with considerable portions of the Galla and Somali Lands. The whole area is over 200,000 sq. miles, with an estimated population of from 9 to 11 millions. For treaties relating to the boundaries of Abyssinia see Statesman’s Year Book for 1907, p. 667. An agreement was reached in December, 1907, for the delimitation of the frontier towards British East Africa. The frontier follows the Dawa up to Ursulli, whence it runs mainly westwards, passing the south end of Lake Stephanie, and, after crossing the north-eastern branch of Lake Rudolf, runs mainly northwards and terminates at 6° N. 35° E.


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